Max Castlunger

The creator of UPCYCLING MUSIC

My name is Max Castlunger and I am originary from the Val Badia Valley in the Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy.

I collect percussion instruments from all over the world, for the last 25 years and since the year 2000, I am making my own instruments inspired by the traditional instruments from all over the world.

I love to use old things and objects, natural materials and metals to create instruments and sound effects. This instruments are often easy to play for everyone, even if not musician. The Upcycling Music interactive exposition brings the instruments and a very special sound experience to the people. Everyone is allowed to play the instruments and to feel the good and healthy vibrations by touching, hearing and looking to that unique musical objects.

Max Castlunger is a Ladin speaking South-Tyrolean musiciant, born in San Martino in Badia (Bz).
For over 10 years, he plays clarinet in his village marching band. As a teenager, Max starts to explore the never-ending ethnic percussion world and soon developes a real passion for it, which makes him research more in depth different sounds, cultural and structural differences of traditional instruments coming from all over the world. Consequently, he travels a lot and visits several countries, in every continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, Hawaii…), where he also plays with international musiciants.
Max believes that music is a universal language!

Besides his intense live- performing activity, together with several bands and music projects (Herbert Pixner, JEMM Music Project; Savana Funk, Sissamba ect.), he also teaches music and leads music workshops for children and adults.
In 2021 he creates the project “Upcycling Music”.