UPCYCLING MUSIC BAND with (from left) Mirko Pedrotti, Max Castlunger, Manni Gampenrieder, Georg Malfertheiner!

The UPCYCLING MUSIC BAND is composed by 4 multiinstrumentalist from the region Trentino-Südtirol of North Italy: Max Castlunger, Mirko Pedrotti, Manni Gampenrieder, Georg Malfertheiner

They rappresents the 3 main official languages of the country (ladin, italian and german), they found throught the music the best way of comunication. .
The music quartet uses only instruments and soundsculpters handmade by Max Castlunger. A unique music proposal, that brings various music atmosphäres on stage. From oriental feelings to ounderground techno music, through explosive rhythms on giant drums and mystic atmoshäres of gongs and winds.