The exhibit UPCYCLING MUSIC shows music instruments and sound sculptures handmade by Max Castlunger, by readapting old materials and second hand objects.

Visitors have the chance to personally see, hear, touch and feel all of the displayed music instruments. The instrument, selfmade by using huge barrels, oil bins, oxygen tanks, carved tree trunks, plastic pipes, working tools and any kind of forniture pieces, during special guided tours dedicated to both adults and kids, are going to be personally introduced and explained by their own creator, Max Castlunger.

“KULTURZENTRUM GUSTAV MAHLER” TOBLACH – BZ – (I) 01.10.2021 / 31.10.21 Visitors: 1.666 dd

(01.-31.10.21) Room Photography by Gustav Willeit


Room Photography by Gustav Willeit

Room Photography by Balthasar Epprecht